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An Honest Christmas Party

An Honest Mistake is throwing a Christmas party and it's free! Featuring some of the freshest and coolest acts who are also friends, the coolest tattoo artistes and by far the most legendary denim brand who will be a part of this super chill, super fun event. All of these happening at our favourite music venue and restaurant, The Bee. Dresscode is DENIM. You'll find out why at the end of this. Big thanks to Tiger Beer as our official beer partner. You can expect some sick drinks so come on out and stay the whole day. Attic Jewelry & Piercing will be having a bunch of their stuff and staff over, so if you've always wanted to pierce that belly, or tongue or whichever part of your body, these are the people for you. The crew from Shipwreck Tattoos will be there as well and you know it's gonna be good. Walk-ins and pre-booking. Flash tattoo designs will be displayed soon but if you have a design in mind, drop them an email and start planning it with them here >>> The team from Levi's are coming on board as our official denim wear. There are pin collections to be won and customizations that can be done. More points if you're wearing Levi's. Come early. Enjoy good music and have a good chill Sunday. Get stoked on this. Christmas is a time of giving and it's a time to celebrate greatness. Let's go! Did we mention it's ABSOLUTELY FREE?!

Nine Eleven (FR) in Kuala Lumpur

Nine Elven (fr) is a seasoned band, very familiar with S.E.A. (Southeast Asia) especially after touring here numerous times. They are back with a full Asia Tour with a 2 country stop in S.E.A. Still fresh with their current release “Sentinels” that was released on September 2016, which is a take off in their music direction. Touring this leg with Transitions (my) that is currently promoting their current release "Apathy", making a tour that you don't want to miss.

GTF 2018 Proposal Clinic #2

Missed out on our free one-on-one proposal clinic last week? Don't worry, we've got another one coming up at Bricklin Cafe Bar on Sunday the 17th of December! Have a chat and a coffee with us about your #GTF2018 proposal! We will also have a stall at Hin Pop-Up Market 興公司周日快閃文創市集 that day so do come over and say hi! We will be giving out freebies to those who sign up to our newsletter and fill out our survey on the day. To book your slot with the #GTF team, kindly fill out this form: OR get in touch with us via phone (604-2616308), Facebook message, or email ( if you have any questions. Kindly note that each applicant is allocated a maximum of 15 minutes within the selected time. Special thanks to Bricklin Cafe Bar and Hin Bus Depot for providing the spaces! --- Join our mailing list for updates on George Town Festival:

Critique Week at WeeklyWrites

Hosted by #MYWriters Penang, the weekly write-ins at LUMA are when writers gather in one place with their laptops or notebooks (depending on what they use to write) and set aside time to do some serious writing. Not every writer needs it, but often, having other writers hard at work nearby is great motivation for writing. If you get stuck, feel free to discuss the finer points of your plot with whoever else is procrastinating - just try not to disturb those who are already in the zone! A monthly Critique Session is held every third Monday from 8.00pm onwards. If you have any piece you'd like us to discuss, dissect, workshop, opine on, critique or listen to, do bring it along. If you're reading during this month's MYWriters readings, this is the perfect time to run it by an audience who can give you reading & performance tips. (If you'd like us to read it in advance, send it over to

TREC Sundown Day x Dec Week 3

Lunch, brunch, tea, chill out time, dinner, late night eats and chill out tunes. GOTREC • New FREE PARKING. Sun – Thurs, 10pm – 7am TREC Multi Level Carpark with a min. RM30 spend in a receipt. PLUS • Daily 2-hour free parking perk @ Basement Carpark and TREC Multi Level Carpark, 7am – 10pm, with a min. RM30 spend in a receipt. • Uber 10 free rides to TREC worth RM15 each. GOTREC code. #TRECKL #KUALALUMPUR #FOODIES #LETSTREC #GOTREC

海螺新韵奖造势活动 | 方泂镔唱享会 Abin Fang Music Sharing

好消息!好消息!好消息! 相信大家都知道,海螺新韵奖 Halo Songwriting Competition 正在如火如荼的进行中,這次多媒体大学的DJ Club很荣幸的邀请到海螺旗下艺人 方泂鑌 Abin 来到校园内进行海螺新韵奖造势活动。 那方泂镔将会在12月19日来到多媒体大学赛城院校进行一场唱享会,顾名思义就是要跟各位分享他的音乐之旅啦! 唱享会详情如下: ___ 日期:2017年12月19日 (星期二) 时间:8:00PM 地点:FOM CRCX0001, MMU Cyberjaya 票价:RM 3(DJ Club 会员),RM 5(非会员) 方泂镔《我不是神》专辑:RM 60(期间限定),原价RM65 *凡购买专辑都会赠送两张唱享会入门票 ___ Good news! Abin Fang will be coming to our school to have a music sharing session with us! Music Sharing details as below: Date: 19th December 2017 ( Tuesday) Time: 8:00PM Location: FOM CRCX0001, MMU Cyberjaya Tickets: RM 3 (DJ Club members), RM 5 (Non-members, Outsider) Abin Fang <I’m Not God> Album: RM60 (Early Bird), RM65 (Original Price) *2 music sharing tickets will be given when purchasing <I'm Not God> album

Hin Tuesday Screenings

Hin Tuesday Screenings showcases some of the best in contemporary cinema. We are committed to international films that rarely make their way to the local cinemas. Admission is free and everyone is invited to come. It is a semi outdoor screening so feel free to bring your own snacks, drinks and other comforts such as cushions, mats, blankets and such! *English Subtitle is available. #HinScreenings

光合作用原创音乐节 Musicsynthesis

【光合作用 原创音乐节 Musicsynthesis】 集结马来西亚优质创作歌手,两个晚上让你听见大马的好音乐! 日期:2017年12月20、21日 时间:7pm 地点:KL PAC Pentas 1 在这片土地上,我们有充足的阳光、有多元的养分、有无数的种子 只待光合作用,就能看见一整片的热带雨林。 这场音乐节将会聚集本地各类型的优质原创唱作人,以好原创散播更多的好种子茁壮长出更多的具有原创精神的音乐人、听众和作品。 巨木音乐将汇聚各方音乐人、媒体、企业界的文化产业推手、马来西亚大专音乐联盟 UCMA 以及中国的战略伙伴-梦响当然文化传播(上海)有限公司;结合各方的资源,协力搭起这个舞台。 我们邀请的阵容内包括大家已经熟知的本地创作歌手、学生唱作人、还有很多新进的创作新人等,带着他们的不同的元素,加入这场光合作用,这不只是又一次的表演,而是一场很盛大的交流会,透过分享和学习,结出更有原创音乐涵养的果实。 主办单位: 巨木音乐 Jumuro Music 协办单位: pH Music 指数音乐、 UCMA 全國大專音樂聯盟 合作媒体: CITYPlus FM 详情洽询 📢 学生票 单日:RM40 双日:RM80 📢 普通票(11/12/2017启售) 单日: RM80 双日: RM120 🐦 早鸟票(已截止) 单日:RM60 双日:RM90 购票: 表演阵容: ARVAN阿尔梵( Aki 黄淑惠 + Gideon Alubakhan Chen ) 王藍茵 Tangerine Platform 11 十一号月台 Wee 陳漢偉 Daniel Lee 李吉汉 Shelhiel XL NewSound Chloe 苏静雯 Ryota Katayama 片山凉太 Sandy & Sally 葉俊賢 Yap Chun Yin 张传杰 Keat Teo Yingz 楊莉瑩 陳儀芬 Tan Yi Fen Amrita Soon 孙惠洋 Mango Bicycle 芒果骑车 Flyn 张慧雯 Flyn Chong Hui Venn Sek Hao Ho Yinthong 陳穎彤 Denise秋慧 So'Lead 受力 周珺慈 Season Chu UCMA 全國大專音樂聯盟 表演阵容介绍: 巨木音乐 Instagram: --- 【Musicsynthesis】 Date:20 & 21 Dec 2017 Time:7-10pm Venue:KL PAC Pentas 1 Presented by Jumuro Music with collaboration pH Music, CityPlus FM, UCMA The trend of music consumption in Malaysia seem to be leaning towards international music, leaving our local music at a head-scratching position whereby we struggle to clamour at our local youth's attention. This music festival aspires to bring forth the local music we offer in Malaysia to fellow Malaysians, showcasing original material from various singer-songwriter that are different in genre, background and identity. Our hopes is that this festival would provide a platform for both the artists to exhibit their work and the local audience to taste the very music that grows from their own home.

School of Pop pres. School of Hip Hop

School of Pop at Velvet Underground is pleased to present SCHOOL OF HIP HOP - bringing you back to the golden era of hip hop think Run DMC, Naughty by Nature to the current wavy trending tempo of Post Malone and Lil Uzi Vert and more! Not forgetting mashing all things pop in between. Get your Hip-Pop on! Event: School of Pop presents School of Hip Hop Date: Thursday, 21st December Time: 10pm till late Venue: Velvet Underground Door Arrangement: Before 12am RM30 + 1 drink After 12am RM45 + 1 drink Table Bookings: +603 2110 3888 | +6012 509 3215

A Place To Bury Strangers - Live in Kuala Lumpur

Date: Thursday, 21 December 2017 Time: 8pm Doors: 7pm Venue: Playspace LIVE Add: G3, The Place, No.1, Jalan PJU8/5G, Damansara Perdana 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Admission: RM88 (Presale), RM350 (Group Package 5 Tickets), RM110 (Door) Ticket Link - /// New York's loudest band retunrs to Kuala Lumpur! A Place To Bury Strangers was ahead of its peers in its unabashed '80s revival back in the early 2000s. Since then, its members have grown as songwriters -not quite softening their intensity, but aptly refining an approach in which post-punk meets industrial psych-rock. A Place to Bury Strangers composed of Oliver Ackermann (guitar/vocals, bass), Dion Lunadon (bass guitar, guitar) and Lia Simone Braswell (drums). The band are currently working on their 5th album with an eye toward a spring release. Rather than fixate on the minute recording details like they may have done in the past, the group, rounded out by drummer Lia Simone are trusting their instincts and trying to keep things as pure as possible. Music is much more exhilarating when it's unpredictable even on repeat plays. Simone makes her recording debut with the band here, and it's obvious that she’s helped pushed the band's recordings closer to the level of their infamous live shows.

Pisco pres. The Zap Show

What do you get when you throw a washboard, megaphone, ukulele, rubber chicken, some tap shoes, a trumpet, 2 kangaroos and some tzatziki into a blender? THE ZAP SHOW! --- The Zap Show blossomed in the artistic playground of Berlin when two Australians and one Greek combined ideological forces. Together they animate lives and cause happiness earthquakes with their rambunctious show full of bogan swing, perverted puppetry, extremely physical theatre, tenacious tap dance and cymbal splashing comedy. Drawing inspiration from Bob Fosse, Louis Prima, skiffle music and ancient laundry practices, Zap creates much more than just tunes that get your feet and vocal chords loose, it's a wild physical show that will surely lighten your load and bubble your bath! ​ Meet the forces of ZAP: Will Henderson A multi instrumental vibe machine, song writer, smile invitationalist and dance floor motivator Mademoiselle Gabrielle Sequined showgirl meets sideshow superstar, this costumed chameleon oozes class, quirk and carries a bottomless bag of tricks everywhere she goes Petros A creator of smile waterfalls and many tears of mirth, this afro toting mythical Greek legend is notorious for stomping on chickens in his spare time

Theatre for Teens!

Are you ready for the best holiday workshop ever?! We are. But first... Checklist: 1. Are you a teen (15 - 19 years old)? Yes! 2. Can you afford RM550 (or RM500 for early birds) and spend 3 days at PenangPac? Totally! 3. Do you have hidden talents that no many people (maybe not even you) know about? Of course! 4. Do you want to be awesome and stand out among your lame friends? Definitely! 5. Is your passion the performing arts (or anything alike)? Yeah! Then you have opened the right Facebook page! Hurray! P.S. Thanks for reading this far. Please continue, it's not as brutal. Remember when you teacher says you're too much of a bother and that you can't follow the conventional learning methods? Or that you always do what the teacher tells you and you have zero imagination? Well, we're here to help you discover whatever hidden talents you have by providing you the ultimate platform! An empty studio (which will be also used as a stage). You see, when you have to do what others tell you to do (step by step), you'll pretty much shut down any creativity. NOT GOOD FOR YOUR FUTURE or anything at all! So let's bring that brain to life again. WARNING: STRICTLY NO GOOGLE SEARCH ALLOWED Help us help you bring out the best in you in these areas through the power of THEATRE: Public Speaking, Presentation skills, storytelling, writing, reading, listening, teamwork, etc. And if you are a mummy or daddy (or a guardian) reading this...perhaps you could pass the message to your little one(s). But rest be sure, it's going to be one fun-learning holiday experience for everyone. The journey is the reward and the reward is an accomplishment! P.S. Thanks for reading till the very end. Just so you know, the superhero theme is so we could all be powerful in what we do. SEE YOU THERE! To sign up, call 0125998204 or drop me a mail at theatreforteens

A Very, Merry, Indie X'mas!

A VERY, MERRY, INDIE, XMAS! Time to put on your Santa and Santarina outfits and get that yuletide spirit going, as CHRISTMAS IS HERE! This time, in collaboration with The Bee, we bring you some of the top independent acts in the local music scene! HERE'S THE LINEUP! FAZZ NADIR JUMERO ROZELLA TROPHY KNIVES THE PROPOSITIONS! AZMYL YUNOR & ORKES PADU annddd with special guest host , Prakash Daniel! --- TICKETS : RM30 TIME : 8PM DATE : 22 DECEMBER 2017 --- SAVE THE DATE! AND SEE YOU GUYS THERE!

JIRO presents RAW with DJ T.

In today’s electronic music world there are not many artists who can lay claim to a legacy like that of DJ T. From spending his youth collection Disco, Funk, Soul, early HipHop and Electro, the this day, still collecting, still full of energy and inspiration. DJ T. has notched up a seriously impressive list of achievements during his illustrious career, which spans over 3 decades. Next year, T. will celebrate his 30 years in the business. In the last few years, he has produced 3 albums, curated numerous compilations, produced a long list of EPs and remixes and toured the globe several times over. He has also been a key member of the collective who launched Get Physical Records, the brains behind Groove Magazine _ Europe’s premier electronic music publication - and single - handedly launched Frankfurt’s only House club int the first half of the naughties, the Monza Club. Despite so many accolades, his passion for music remains staunch, recently making several key changes to his professional life that have inspired him to explore new terrains. With hot new releases on AUS Music, Moon Harbour, True Soul and Jackathon representing his continued desire to push his creative boundaries. A highly-skilled DJ and producer and an A&R with a uncanny ability to discover and nurture new talent, DJ T. is a master selector and one of the industry’s most influential figures. Admission after 12am MYR50 + 2 drinks. Do enjoy our drinks promotion to the fullest 3 PINTS OF TIGER/GUINNESS MYR50 or HEINEKEN MYR60 *6-10pm 1 BOTTLE OF MACALLAN SINGLE MALT WHISKEY MYR498 2 BOTTLES OF MACALLAN SINGLE MALT WHISKEY MYR899 - 2 BOTTLES OF SINGLETON 12 YEARS MYR738 before 11pm INFO & RSVP Call +60 17-663 3770 Stay connected with us Official Page Instagram

Family Christmas Concert 2017 聖誕闔家歡音樂會

Family Christmas Concert 2017 2017 聖誕闔家歡音樂會 22 - 23 Dec 2017 (Fri - Sat), 8:30pm @ stage 1, Performing Arts Centre of Penang (penangpac) 檳城表演藝術中心 壹號劇場 Christmas Concert | 聖誕音樂會 * Age Limit : N/A + + + penangpac's annual Christmas concert returns! Join us for a joyous evening and sing along to your favourite Christmas tunes! A little partridge in a pear tree also told us that Jolly Ol' Saint Nick will be dropping by! Featuring The Actors Studio Chorus & Orchestra, conducted by Martin Rutherford. 檳城表演藝術中心年度聖誕音樂會又回來了! 讓我們在指揮馬丁盧瑟福的帶領下,與藝人館合唱團及室內管弦樂團一起高歌聖誕曲!住在梨樹上的一隻小鷓鴣偷偷告訴我們,聖誕老公公將會來到現場與大家同樂! + + + SHOW INFO | 演出資訊 DATE | 日期 : 22 - 23 Dec 2016 (Fri - Sat) TIME | 時間 : 8:30pm VENUE | 地點 : stage 1, penangpac 檳城表演藝術中心 壹號劇場 TICKET PRICE | 票價 : RM 40 for Adults RM 30 for Students, Physically-challenged, TAS Card Holders & Senior Citizens above 60 RM103 - Patron of the Arts + + + HOW TO BUY TICKETS | 如何購票: [1] Box Office at Performing Arts Centre of Penang (penangpac) - open daily from 10am - 6:30pm, located at Level 3A, Quay One, Straits Quay. 親臨檳城表演藝術中心 (penangpac) 售票櫃台 - 營業時間 10am - 6:30pm(全年無休) [2] Phone Purchase via penangpac at +604-899 1722 / 2722 - phone lines active daily from 10am - 6:30pm. *Credit Card required* 電話購票(需提供信用卡號)請撥:+604-899 1722 / 2722 [3] Online Purchase via TicketPro Malaysia at 網路購票請瀏覽 [4] Any Point-of-Sale outlets using the TicketPro Malaysia system, e.g. The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac). *** No Reservations | 不開放訂位 *** No Refunds | 恕不退費 + + + penangpac's Website :

Ash & Friends - Dj Aku Ash // Nahsyk

Our Friday night hip-hop experience - resident DJAkuAsh, one of the city's best, teams up with DJ friends for a night of sick beats and dope mixes. >>Room: kyo Music: Hip-Hop Admission: RM40 incl 1 drink (before 1am) RM60 incl 1 drink (after 1am) Book a table: 📧 📱 +6012-9211730 DJAkuAsh A well-known name in the local Hip Hop scene, DJ Aku Ash fills up the club with his mean mixes and high-energy blends. Having held residencies at some of the city's best clubs over the years, Aku Ash is one of the hip hop genre's leading authorities in Asia. From perfecting the art of cutting to beat matching, once Aku Ash is behind the turntables, look forward to a night of non-stop dancing and good times. Nahsyk Erin Ernest, also known as NAHSYK, Previously Known as Double E, is a young 21 year old Eurasian DJ and music producer from Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. With a heart and passion for music, he is one artist that is blowing up very quickly and in many directions. Erin showed much of his musical talent at a very young age, In 2009 he started taking DJ’ing on his computer more seriously but after a year of playing around, it did not satisfy, he needed something more. In 2010 he purchased his very own DJ controller and started performing small shows at house parties, private functions and proms. With the encouragement from his friends, he was able to book his first ever live show at a club In KL at the age of 15.

Pisco Bar pres. WonderWomen ft RIMKA, LZZY & DORA

the girls are back! bringing together techno, house and disco, they are not only good looking with a bag full of great music, they are also great dancers and they love alcohol. so come dance and feed them expensive shots, its the last gig of 2017!

Crackhouse Presents : Zenjiro (JPN) feat Aaron Aw

ZENJIRO (JPN) feat. AARON AW (MYS) Date : Friday 22nd Dec & Saturday 23rd Dec 2017 Time : 9pm Showtime, Seating 8pm Ticket : RM40 online / RM50 at the door Zenjiro is an award-winning multilingual comedian and actor, who performs in English, Japanese and Korean. He hosted numerous TV programs in Japan, and was also featured in TV shows such as Just for Laughs, Ed Byrne Comedy Gala, and Japanorama (presented by Jonathan Ross) on BBC; US Comedy Arts Festival on HBO; and Raymann is Laat on Dutch TV channel NTR. Zenjiro has performed at various comedy festivals around the world, including Just for Laughs Festivals in Montreal; HBO US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen; Melbourne Comedy Festival; Edinburgh Festival Fringe; Rotterdam Comedy Festival; and Tokyo International Comedy Festival. In Japan he won the ABC Manzai Competition and other prestigious prizes, and in the US he came in second place in the LA Comedy Store Stand-up Competition. More recently he won the Stand-up Bangkok International Comedy Competition in 2015 and in the US he came in fourth-ranking in the Sacramento Stand-up Competition in 2016. IMPORTANT NOTICE: 1. Doors and Bar opens at 8.00pm 2. By 8.45pm we are required to release all no-show bookings and reserved seats 3. We do not accept requests for ticket refunds 4. For student purchases, bring your Student ID with you and flash your card upon registration at the door. No card, no entry. 5. 18 and above only Call +60172603654 or email for more info

Friday at ren - Injoo Wie

>>Room: REN Music: House Admission: Complimentary (before 11pm) RM40 incl 1 drink (before 1am) RM60 incl 1 drink (after 1am) Happy Hour at ren | 5pm - Midnight ❂ 1-for-1 housepour drinks ❂ 1 complimentary bottle with every 2 bottles purchased Book a table: 📧 📱 +6012-9211730 Injoo Wie DJ Wie is a artist with no boundaries of music. She expresses her emotions through producng different genres of music. She believes that each and every DJs imperatively needs to express their emotions through music and to connect with the listeners through their produced music. She participated the contest in club DJ in South Korea in 2013, also to mention she has been working as a music director producer in IBIZA Tanning Studio which is the hottest place and is well known to the popular korean celebrities.

Malaysia’s First Zero Waste Fest

Wondering how to reduce your waste and begin your zero waste journey? Malaysia’s First Zero Waste Fest is brought to you by Zero Waste Malaysia, Sampah, Menyampah and The Hive- Bulk Foods. Happening on 23rd December 2017, Saturday at Slate at The Row. We are excited to have Bea Johnson as our guest speaker sharing about Zero Waste Lifestyle. Bea is the Founder of Global #ZeroWasteMovement and author of the bestseller, Zero Waste Home, which is currently available in 17 languages! Expect series of activities including Zero Waste Market, mini exhibition, workshops, launching of Zero waste Map and many more! It’s never too late to live consciously. And we will see you on our event day! --Malaysia’s First Zero Waste Fest-- Date: 23rd December 2017 Time: 10 a.m. – 5p.m. Venue: Slate@The Row, Kuala Lumpur Fee: FREE! --Program-- (No Registration required, everyone is welcome!) 10 am-5 pm: Zero Waste Concept Market & Zero Waste Mini Exhibition (Registration is required for below programme. Please grab your ticket as seats are limited: ( ) 12.30 pm: Registration for Bea Johnson's Talk 1.00 pm: Film screening, Bea Johnson's Talk, Panel Discussion, Launching of Zero Waste Map. (Vietnamese vegetarian refreshments will be served by An Viet) 4.00 pm: Press Conference & Book Signing 5.00 pm: See you! (As we have super limited seats with extra high demand for Bea's Talk, please make sure you can show up for the talk before booking. IF you are unable to show up last minute, please inform us via so we could transfer seats to people on waiting list!) ___ Something you should know: 1. BYO: No disposables will be provided during the event, please bring your own bag, bottle, cutlery, plate and mug to the event. Be the Zero Waste Hero! 2. No Trash Bin: This is a Zero Waste Event, thus no trash bin will be placed at the event place. 3. Public Transport: Limited parking space around and will cost you an arm and a leg...

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